Anglesey full

A full day's Coasteering is generally the same as a half day's Coasteering session, however we would aim to either visit two separate Coasteering venues or continue along the mornings route after a brief lunch break.

A full day of Coasteering is quite strenuous and physically demanding, therefore many individuals and groups decide to combine the Coasteering session with another one of our adventurous activities. Some of the other activities that you may decide to combine with the Coasteering could include:

Rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, raft building, sea level traversing, initiative games and orienteering.

If you would like an all day Coasteering session or would like to combine the coasteering with another one of our adventurous activities then either use our on-line booking form or call us on 07896 239951.

Meeting location:  Anglesey Outdoors, Porth Dafarch Road, LL65 2LP.



‘Adventure Coasteering Video with Rib and Abseil’